Kevin Durant reflects on James Harden's unhappiness with the Brooklyn Nets

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Kevin Durant reflects on James Harden's unhappiness with the Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant says James Harden doesn't owe an explanation to the Nets. Harden, who was reported as unhappy in recent weeks, was traded at the trade deadline. The Nets sent Harden to the Philadelphia 76ers in a deal that was centered on Harden and Ben Simmons.

"James doesn't have to explain anything to anybody," Durant said, per ESPN. "He's his own man. He makes his decisions on his career by himself. He doesn't owe anybody an explanation, and I wasn't looking for one.

"I'm just glad that we got this thing done and now we're able to move forward and get some of this noise away, and I'm sure he would feel the same way. But from around our team and around our group, there's noise about what may happen.

So I'm glad we can push through that."

Durant: There was no point in forcing Harden to stay

Harden reportedly didn't like the life in Brooklyn and he was also frustrated with the part-time status of Kyrie Irving.

"I think once a person gets to that decision of 'I'm unhappy,' I think he's gone through a lot of steps to get there," Durant said. "So no matter what I say or try to convince someone -- I'm not saying I did this, but this is just my theory on this -- no matter what I say or do to try to convince someone to change their mood from being unhappy to happy, I think that's when I'm pretty late to the party.

"He's made his decision. I'm sure people make their decision before they get to that mode of being unhappy. I didn't have any conversations with James up until then. I thought everything was solid. I don't do any convincing.

I'm sure you make those choices and decisions on your own as an individual. Me as a friend, I just have to accept it." The Nets suffered their 11th consecutive loss after losing to the Miami Heat on Saturday. "I wasn't around the team to really, really see the vibe," Durant said.

"But I know the losses hurt us, and I know my injury might have hurt the team a bit not being around. And then Kyrie [Irving] in and out the lineup. But I didn't really get a feel for the team because I wasn't around."