Brooklyn Nets' Kyrie Irving: The reality is we are not winning right now

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Brooklyn Nets' Kyrie Irving: The reality is we are not winning right now
Brooklyn Nets' Kyrie Irving: The reality is we are not winning right now (Provided by Sport World News)

Kyrie Irving acknowledged that the Brooklyn Nets have been bad in recent time but insists there is no need to push the panic button. On Friday, the Utah Jazz beat the Nets 125-102 to give Brooklyn their seventh consecutive loss.

"It's really just where we are, facing reality, that we're not winning ballgames right now," Irving said after the game, according to ESPN. "And we got to kind of get out of that hole with just one win and then start a new streak from that point.

But no time to feel like our season is in doomsday or we need to push the panic button at all points, but we have to face reality that a lot of guys, a lot of my teammates, we're still getting to know one another, how we play, what's our spots, offensive and defensive tendencies.

"And then communication. Knowing that we can get on guys and guys love to be coached. And it's not just from the head coach or the assistants but really just from us as teammates. Trusting that we have the experience to win basketball games."

Irving preaches patience

The Nets didn't have Kevin Durant and James Harden for the Jazz game.

The Nets' superstar trio hasn't played much over the last two years and it's all pointing toward being a failed experiment. "Building championship habits takes time," Irving said. "And time is not necessarily always on our side.

I don't know what game this is for me, so I'm still just getting used to being in this flow of everything right now, still being in an observant place. But building championship habits is staying resilient and knowing that there's another level to push to when you're tired and you have all the excuses in the world and you just continue on.

You don't hold your head or anything like that." Irving suggested the Nets need to come together and give their absolute best to turn the season around. "Myself alone, I can't do it," Irving said. "It's always going to be about the collective unit.

And how we feel good about being close as a team and then going out there and playing basketball, which is supposed to be fun. But when you're losing and it's a win-first league and a win-only league and you get judged by wins and statistics and how well you put a streak together ...

and how consistent you are, then the spot we're in is going to look like it's far worse than what it is. "But being in this league for as long as I have been for 11 years, I've seen ups and downs, experiences, and we just got to trust that we have the group regardless of who's in or out of the lineup to be able to put a 48-minute game together."

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