LeBron and Savannah James: How they met, wedding, ring

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LeBron and Savannah James: How they met, wedding, ring

LeBron and Savannah are one of the most beautiful and harmonious celebrity couples the world has ever seen. Their love has lasted since high school, and the famous basketball player does not miss the opportunity to point out that his wife is his support, greatest love and best friend.

How did LeBron and Savannah meet? LeBron James and Savannah Brinson met in high school at a football game when she was 16 and he was 18. They grew up in the same area, but attended rival schools. LeBron has already tried his hand at basketball, while Savannah loved football and was a fan.

Savannah said she had no idea LeBron was a talented basketball player when she met him and invited her to watch him play. "I had no idea who he was," he recalls. "I left, and I was thinking - Wow, this guy is pretty popular here."

They had their first meeting at the Outback Steakhouse, and Savannah couldn't eat the whole portion, so LeBron asked the waiter to pack her leftovers. However, she forgot them when she left. When he noticed that, after she left, he took it to her doorstep.

Savannah told Harper's Bazaar: "I knew he loved me when I forgot the usual leftovers from dinner in his car. I completely forgot about them and he brought them to my door. I think he just wanted another excuse to come and see me."

And so began a love story that continues to this day.

Savannah James and LeBron James

Savannah has stated many times that she never dreamed that her chosen one would "experience this level of success", while he pointed out countless times that Savannah was with him while he was "nobody"

"I just thought he was going to be the hero of his hometown and that was going to be it," she said. In the years that followed, Savannah became pregnant with her first child, LeBron Jr. The fact that the young people became parents for the couple was frightening, but also an experience that connected them even more.

Three years later they had another son, Bryce. They continued their relationship and remained committed until 2010 when LeBron asked Savannah a "big" question. The couple was at a dinner that was part of LeBron's 27th birthday the day before, but the star obviously had other things in mind, proposing to Savannah in front of their children.

Engagement ring LeBron did not skimp when choosing an engagement ring for his sweetheart. “The ring is a traditional Tiffany-style ring with a pear-shaped diamond in the middle, along with two tapered diamond baguettes on each side and is one of the most beautiful pieces ever,” said Aslam Bakshi, jeweler and owner of Diamond Images. Savannah James and Lebron James are a good example to others.