Los Angeles Lakers' Anthony Davis: Russell Westbrook was in kill mode

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Los Angeles Lakers' Anthony Davis: Russell Westbrook was in kill mode

Los Angeles Lakers big man Anthony Davis spoke highly of guard Russell Westbrook after the team's loss to the Atlanta Hawks. The Lakers suffered a 129-121 loss to the Hawks on Sunday but Westbrook performed well. Westbrook finished with 20 points and also had seven rebounds and 12 assists.

A game earlier, Westbrook scored his season-high 35 points. “He was very at attacking the basket and making the right reads, he was very good at the rim finishing,” Davis said about Westbrook, as quoted on TalkBasket.

“And he was just like in kill mode. And that’s how he has to be at all times, making the right reads, finishing. “Sometimes.. he’s got lot of emotions and so when he get into going downhill or someone makes him mad, or he doesn’t get a foul call, we try to help him like ‘Alright, it’s okay, take a deep breath, don’t let that carry over into the next play.’ And we all do it because we want to be the guy to help the team win."

'Westbrook has played with stars before'

“He’s been with one… James [Harden] wasn’t really James in OKC so he hasn’t really had where he had two guys where he can depend upon. That’s the thing, like me, him and Bron can always have a bad night and the other two can pick the third person up," Davis continued.

“When he’s playing the way he played in Charlotte, shooting the ball, getting downhill, making the right reads, passing, making his free-throws, he adds more pressure on the defense and created more opportunities for everyone else”.

Unfortunately for the Lakers, Westbrook's good performance wasn't enough for them to beat the Hawks. The Lakers have now dropped three straight games and LeBron James is battling a sore knee. “You never know besides this Covid thing who’s gonna get hurt, who’s gonna be out, who’s got family issues,” Lakers guard Malik Monk said.

“And that’s something that we’ve been battling all year like you said, man. We don’t have a resiliency yet, we don’t have it. “That’s what we’ve been struggling the whole season.

We know what we got to do, man, we just got to put it together. And we keep saying the same thing. We just go out there and do it”.