Brooklyn Nets' James Harden can't say where he suffered a right hand sprain

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Brooklyn Nets' James Harden can't say where he suffered a right hand sprain

Brooklyn Nets head coach Steve Nash revealed star guard James Harden was kept out of Saturday's game against the Golden State Warriors due to a strained right hand. Harden missed out Saturday's game and he is questionable for Tuesday's game against the Phoenix Suns.

"We'll have to see how it settles, but we're hopeful," Nash said when asked about Harden's availability for Tuesday's tilt at the Suns. Nash said Harden's injury wasn't of a serious nature.

"Clean of the bad stuff, but a strain for sure," Nash said of the MRI. "There's stuff on the MRI, so he's feeling something, feeling the strain. It's been bothering him, but he was like, 'Yeah, it's nothing.'

Now it's a little more than nothing. He woke up with a marked difference in the hand."

Harden not sure where he strained his hand

"He doesn't remember an event," Nash said. "But the scan shows the irritation, the strain, and he has said he's had it for a number of days, so I think the deduction would be that he must have irritated it shooting and lifting [Friday]."

The Nets suffered more blows when LaMarcus Aldridge tweaked his ankle during the fourth quarter against the Warriors. "I think he tweaked his ankle, but I'm not sure how bad it is," Nash said. Kyrie Irving had a game-high 32 points but the Nets suffered a 110-106 loss to the Warriors.

"It's great having him back. We've had so many injuries and interruptions this year, availability issues, to add a player his caliber, even if it's just on the road has been much needed and been great for our group," Nets head coach Nash said.

"Fortunately, the reality of the last 18 months for us is that we've never had an extended run of health. So to have a player that plays on the road and at home is not that different than what we face week to week anyway."

Warriors guard Klay Thompson hit the key three with 12 seconds to go. "It felt amazing, it really did. I missed that feeling," Thompson said. "It felt absolutely amazing." Thompson missed the last two seasons and this was his first clutch shot in three years.

"It's important for Klay to feel those big moments. It's been 2 ½ years," Warriors head coach Steve Kerr said.