Kyrie Irving could reportedly play home games if Nets are willing to pay fine

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Kyrie Irving could reportedly play home games if Nets are willing to pay fine

The Brooklyn Nets could reportedly have Kyrie Irving for home games if they are willing to pay a fine every game. Irving played his first game of the season last week but he is only allowed to play road games. The New York City mandated all individuals who attend indoor events to be vaccinated and Irving isn't.

A few days ago, Kevin Durant said no way he would force Irving into taking the vaccine.

"I told him how important he is, how much I want him to play -- play every game," Durant said after a 121-109 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks. "But I'm not about to force somebody to get a vaccine, like that's not my thing.

So he can play basketball? Nah, I'm not about to do that. "We've had conversations about wanting him to be a part of the team and conversations about him being here full-time, but that's on his time. Whatever decision he want to make, he's going to make.

It's on us to be professionals no matter what, and do our jobs. All of us -- from the owner down to the equipment manager -- so whenever he ready, he'll be ready."

Durant never asked Irving for an explanation

The Nets sent Irving home at the start of the season for his refusal to take the vaccine.

"I haven't even asked for an explanation," Durant said. "It ain't my place I don't think. So I'm ready for whatever, that's been my whole mentality. Whatever happens in this situation, I got to still be me, still go out there and represent the way I represent.

I'm supporting whatever my team needs me to do, wants to do. "It's a weird situation, who knows? I don't understand most of this s---. COVID, all of this stuff has been crazy the last few years. So me, I just try to stay centered and focus on me.

When Kyrie's ready to make decisions for himself he will, and I trust that." After Irving returned to the team, James Harden said there was nothing strange to it. "It wasn't strange, nah," Harden said.

"It felt good honestly to have him back. It felt good. It felt like an extra life that we had. But we got to live with what we're dealt with and that's home games we got to figure ways [to win]. And even road games -- just 'cause Ky's on the road with us don't mean he's going to be easy for us as well.

So we got to mesh and we got to find ways to win games ... every time we step on the floor teams are going at us, they feel like they got something to prove and we got to know that. And we got to bring that same mentality towards them."