Jaylen Brown rejects idea he and Jayson Tatum can't play together

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Jaylen Brown rejects idea he and Jayson Tatum can't play together

Boston Celtics star Jaylen Brown rejected the claim that he and Jayson Tatum can't play together and lead the Celtics to success. The Celtics haven't had a great season and many believe the Celtics should move either Brown or Tatum.

On Saturday, Brown had 22 points and Tatum scored 19 in a 99-75 win over the New York Knicks. "I think we can play together," Brown said, per ESPN. "We have played together well for the majority of our career and things like that.

The last year or so hasn't gone as expected, but I think a lot of the adversity that we're kind of going through now is going to help us grow and get better in the future. "If we get over this slump and continue to learn, I think there's a lot of good basketball on the other side of this.

I only can control what I can control. I understand everybody has to do their jobs, but me and JT talk. We talked after the game, communicated with each other and things like that. So we're on the same page. I get where all the other frustration comes from, but as long as I'm on the same page with him and he's on the same page with me, that's where we're most focused on.

So tonight we wanted to come out and get a win and we did it."

Brown, Tatum bounce back

A few days ago, the Celtics blew a 25-point lead against the Knicks at the Madison Square Garden. "Any time you blow a lead like that, it stings," Brown said.

"You're not going to forget it. We learned from that experience. So that's all it is. I know that people are tired of hearing that, but a lot of learning and growth is still taking place. I'm getting better as a basketball player.

Jayson's getting better as a basketball player and trying to put our guys in position to make them look good. It's tougher than it looks. So we just gotta continue to get better, make the right plays, trust ourselves, trust our teammates, trust our coaching staff, and let the chips fall where they may."

The Knicks were down by just four points at halftime but ended up suffering a 25-point loss. "I liked the way we played in the first half, then I thought in the first five or six minutes of the third we got back on our heels and then they went on a run," Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau said. "When you're short-handed your margin of error is small."