Russell Westbrook gives irritated response when asked about 9 turnovers vs. T'Wolwes

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Russell Westbrook gives irritated response when asked about 9 turnovers vs. T'Wolwes

Los Angeles Lakers star Russell Westbrook had nine turnovers and shot 0-for-5 from the 3-poing range against the Minnesota Timberwolwes after claimed his game was fine. Westbrook visibly struggled but he hit a key jump shot late in the game to help the Lakers seal a 108-103 win over the Timberwolwes.

"My game, you know, is fine," Westbrook said, per ESPN. "My game is not predicated on shots or if I turn the ball over. Like, I miss some shots, that's part of the game. I'm allowed to miss shots. I can do that.

Like any other player, I can do that. I can turn the ball over, too. I can do that. That's all a part of the game." Westbrook also had three rebounds and five assists. "When you watch a basketball game and figure out what impact making the right plays, boxing out, rebounding, whatever that may be, making the right play, making the right reads, that's all about being a basketball player," he said.

Teammates noticed Westbrook struggled

Westbrook refused to admit he struggled but Lakers head coach Frank Vogel didn't. "Had a tough night tonight," said Lakers coach Vogel. "But he's improving and we're evolving offensively.

So, the guys are in different spots, and some of that is the pieces moving around in that and it's not just him." LeBron James said Westbrook was kicking himself a lot against the Timberwolwes with his turnovers.

"He was kicking himself a lot tonight with his turnovers, especially in the first half," James said of Westbrook turning it over seven times before halftime. "Cleaned up in the second half, only had two in the second half, and it resulted in us being able to get shots.

And when we get shots, we're a really good team. What has really hurt us this year is when we turn the ball over a lot, and not able to set our defense, where we're really good in half court, have teams run it out on us.

"So us being able to take care of the ball in the second half was key in us getting this win tonight. The ball is in his hands a lot, the ball is in my hands a lot, so it starts with the two of us being able to take care of the ball, and we did that."