Kevin Durant, James Harden not worried about Kyrie Irving following lengthy absence

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Kevin Durant, James Harden not worried about Kyrie Irving following lengthy absence

Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant is extremely excited about the return of Kyrie Irving to the floor. Irving was sent home at the start of the season after refusing to get vaccinated. The New York City mandates all individuals who want to attend indoor events to be vaccinated.

The Nets didn't want to have Irving only as a part time player so they sent him at the start of the season. "Have you watched him play?" Durant said, per ESPN. "He's a master. He can score 60%, 70% of his shots if you don't guard him.

He's a high IQ player. It's just a matter of him getting his legs up under him and his wind up under him. And then for us we're going to run plays for him, we'll try to look for him. We play team basketball -- but he can adapt and do anything out there so we're not worried about him."

Meanwhile, James Harden said Irving looked "elite" in practice. "Like Kyrie," Harden said. "Elite."

Durant confirmed Harden's words

"He looked great," Durant said. "He looked great.

I know he wants to probably play a little bit more before he gets into game situations, but he looked great to me." Having Irving only for road games isn't ideal but Nets head coach Steve Nash is confident they will figure it all out.

"I may be a little naive but I think I just keep it really simple," Nash said. "Kyrie plays on the road and we figure out how he rejoins the group, finds his rhythm, and his place in the team and when we come home we're back to normal, the way we've been all year so I'm just trying to keep it really simple.

"Don't over analyze it or complicate it, try to enjoy it and try to put him in a position to succeed and to enjoy what he's doing and then the positives of having him back can be high and that also can have an effect hopefully on us when he's not in the lineup and guys are not having as much of a burden in every single game."

Harden is thrilled to have Irving back as he is hoping the star guard will help them win some games. "Same Kyrie," Harden said. "Just happy to have him back. We got to get him on the court and get this thing going."