Russell Westbrook: Nobody knows what 'let Russ be Russ' actually means


Russell Westbrook: Nobody knows what 'let Russ be Russ' actually means

Los Angeles Lakers star Russell Westrbook says he has had enough of hearing what he should change and do differently. Westbrook's first season with the Lakers hasn't been going smooth as he has struggled with his form. "Everybody wants me to do this but then they don't want me to do this," Westbrook said on a video conference call with reporters on Monday.

"Honestly, I'm over the whole situation with what everyone else wants me to do and what they think I should be doing." Westbrook shot just 4-of-20 on Christimas Day against the Brooklyn Nets but he thinks he has been "fine" this season.

"Honestly, I think I've been fine," Westbrook said. "The conversation has been heavily on how I'm playing and what I'm doing, but I think people are expecting me to have f---ing 25, 15 and 15, which, that is not normal. Everybody has to understand, like, that's not a normal thing that people do consistently."

Westbrook focused on doing his thing

"People are saying 'let Russ be Russ,' I think nobody understands what that means," Westbrook continued.

"I think people just say it -- 'let Russ be Russ' -- but nobody actually knows what that means but myself. And I'm gonna lean on that and make sure I do what I'm supposed to do. And let everything else outside the locker room, whatever that may be, take care of itself." Lakers acting head coach David Fizdale hopes the Lakers will respond well amid a five-game losing streak.

"When you lose five in a row, it's misery," Fizdale said after practice. "You're not happy. But there's two types of ways you can respond to this. Right? And that's the only thing we can control, is our response to a five-game losing streak.

We can either bitch, moan, complain, point fingers, deflect, or we can get in the gym and work together and get in the film sessions and have raw conversations and talk about what we need to do to get better and improve." The Lakers got blown out on Christmas by the Nets but LeBron James defended Westbrook after the game.

"He gave us extra possessions, he gave us a lot of looks around the basket, which I know that he can't stand [failing to convert] as well," James said, per ESPN. "But as far as the effort piece, if a guy plays hard, if a guy leaves it all out on the floor, I got no problem with that. It's a make-or-miss league."

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