Gilbert Arenas: "I spent the 800,000$ Rookie contract before the first game"

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Gilbert Arenas: "I spent the 800,000$ Rookie contract before the first game"

Once one of the best NBA scorers, Gilbert Arenas was known for his unpredictable nature during his career, and in an interview with the YouTube channel "VladTV", he talked about how he behaved when he received the first money from the NBA contract.

"The first contract - I don't remember how much it cost… 845 thousand dollars?" That much? Ugh, s *** e…" "I spent it before the draft. I thought they would pick me in the top 10 and that would mean I would make millions.

I bought a Cadillac Escalade and it had five TVs and four 30-centimeter speakers." "I saw that Gary Peyton had a suede-covered roof in his car, so I got it too. Of course, I had a big chain, just like everyone else - it had my initials on it, "said Gilbert Arenas.

But things weren’t that great. Arenas didn't know how to save his money, and then he felt what it was like to be without money and think about what to do next "I spent everything and then it turned out that I had about $ 500 a month left.

That was enough for me just for fuel. I had a girlfriend and two dogs, and I had nothing." He ended up even sleeping in the hall "I often slept in the hall because I didn't have the money to go home and come to the arena again.

I was practically homeless because I had no fuel. That helped me in a way because I trained often and I learned what it means to be a professional, "said the once fantastic basketball player.


Gilbert Arenas (39) was an All-Star from 2005 to 2007, he was one of the best scorers in the league at the time.

His career in the NBA was greatly shortened by injuries, but also often unprofessional behavior, which resulted in suspensions, such as when he missed most of the 2009/2010 season due to carrying a gun in the locker room.

He played for Golden State, Washington, Orlando, and in 2012 he had a short episode in Memphis. Arenas could have done a lot more in his career but he obviously chose another path and did not focus as much as possible on what he was doing.

He had a huge talent, and a predisposition to be a top basketball player, but he still managed in his career and did as much as he wanted.