David Fizdale: LeBron James is freak, he wouldn't allow us to reduce his minutes

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David Fizdale: LeBron James is freak, he wouldn't allow us to reduce his minutes

Los Angeles Lakers acting head coach David Fizdale said he is not concerned over the number of minutes LeBron James has played over the recent week and a half. James has been averaging 37.8 minutes over the last five games.

Fizdale claimed reducing James' minutes was never an option because the four-time NBA chamoion wouldn't allow them that. “LeBron [James] don’t give us a choice,” Fizdale said, per Lakers Nation.

“What you talking about? Like put me out there. This guy is a freak. It’s so cool being with him again. He wants to be able to compete. So if he sees a situation where we’re down or he would normally come out, but it’s right there, I feel okay like in Chicago.

Just let me know, but he felt good. He just kept saying, ‘Hey, I want to stay in here.’ “No, I don’t have a concern is the short answer. Again, I’m not here that long (laughs). That’s easy for me to say as an assistant (laughs).

That’s obviously the higher-ups and our medical team will obviously have to make those decisions. The way he prepares himself and the liveliness that he brings to the game. No, I don’t”.

Fizdale confident James will figure it all out

The Lakers haven't played on the expected level so far as they sit at 16-16.

"The one thing about LeBron, and I don't like speaking for him, but he is not going to get wrapped up in that [negative] stuff, and neither are we," Fizdale said. "Bron is looking at all of this as just the new challenge that is in front of him.

After all of these years, he just doesn't get rattled with any of it. He is not a blamer, he is not a complainer, he is not finger pointing. He is going to figure out solutions." James said he didn't know what the Lakers could be after Thursday's loss to the Phoenix Suns.

"We don't know," James said. "We have no idea what this team can be." The Lakers have been struggling with injuries throughout the whole season. "So how can we really fully assess what we have when we haven't been whole? I can't remember the last time we played the same starting lineup and had the same rotation coming off the bench," James said. "It's been a long time. So, it's hard to assess that."