Jimmy Butler bashes Heat's effort after Game 3 loss to Celtics

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Jimmy Butler bashes Heat's effort after Game 3 loss to Celtics

Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler acknowledged his team has got to start making better starts to the game as falling down behind early is killing them. On Saturday, the Heat never recovered from a slow start to the match as the Boston Celtics led 31-22 after the first quarter and then build upon it throughout the game.

The Heat had a chance to go up 3-0 in their Eastern Conference Finals series but the Celtics won 117-106 to reduce the deficit to 2-1. "I think it gets old, playing from behind consistently," Butler said, per ESPN.

"Especially against a great team like Boston and what they bring to the table." Butler, who scored 17 points and grabbed eight rebounds, admitted the Heat didn't play hard enough. "We didn't play hard enough," Butler said.

"I think we didn't do anything that we said that we were going to do. We knew how they were going to attack us. We weren't helping each other. We weren't making an extra pass a lot of the times. We have to play basketball the way we have been playing the games that we have been winning.

We understand that. There's nothing that Coach can say. There's nothing that OG [Udonis Haslem] can say. We get it. We have to be the ones to fix that."

Heat center Bam Adebayo suggests the same as Butler

"We've got to start the game how we start the fourth," Adebayo said.

"I feel like we're not the type of team where we can go through the motions and try and figure out everything in the first half, and then in the third or fourth, we just try to turn it on. It's not like that. We are not that type of team."

Adebayo, who has been great throughout the entire playoffs, scored a game-high 27 points and also collected 16 rebounds. "We've got to play with detail," Adebayo said. "I feel like we've got to work on our offense a little bit.

They got us on our heels. They were out there hooping it up and having fun. I feel like that was the big difference in the game. They jumped out on us, and I guess they got tired of us being down 13 and coming back and winning. We've just got to do a better job of not letting ourselves get in a big deficit."