David Fizdale: Russell Westbrook pressing too much while Lakers roster is depleted

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David Fizdale: Russell Westbrook pressing too much while Lakers roster is depleted

Los Angeles Lakers acting head coach David Fizdale thinks Russell Westbrook has been pressing too much over the last few games. The Lakers are down four players and head coach Franko Vogel due to the NBA's health and safety protocols.

The Lakers have lost three games in a row. "I think the circumstances over the last few games, with so many people being in and out, triggered in him that he had to save us," Fizdale said, per ESPN. "Some of his plays, he was probably moving too fast or trying to press when things aren't there.

And again, these are things that we [addressed]. We had a great film session. Guys are very open and receptive and we just talked about connection things. How do we [get this right?] OK, instead of this play, what can we do within our offensive fundamentals to lead to a great shot for us? How do we use your talent that draws all of these players to make sure that that leads to a great shot for us? "And so that's what the whole film session was about offensively and again, a lot of this stuff is connection."

Westbrook will try to lead the Lakers to victory on Thursday

The Lakers host the San Antonio Spurs on Thursday night and Westbrook will certainly try to deliver a big performance. The Lakers lost a couple of players but forward Trevor Ariza finally made his season debut a few days ago.

"Personally, just seeing my spacing and things that I can do better to give our guys more space, help them out. Defensively, some of my techniques, my angles I need to change, to get it right so I can be a bit better on the defensive end," Ariza said on a video conference call when asked for specifics that were pointed out on film.

"But yeah, it's direct. It's efficient. We need that since we don't have a lot of practice time." Carmelo Anthony acknowledged the uncertainty surrounding the Lakers. "You're just taking it and living day-to-day, you just don't know what's going to happen," Anthony said.

"We could wake up tomorrow morning and they could say our game tomorrow is canceled. ... Again, we don't know what's gonna happen, so we're taking it day-to-day and we're just trying to stay on top of what we need to stay on top of.

"But as we can see, it's affecting everybody. It's affecting a lot of different people, people who are vaccinated, people who do have boosters, so you just don't know what's going to happen."