LeBron James frustrated by number of injuries on Lakers

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LeBron James frustrated by number of injuries on Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers suffered a 108-88 loss to the Phoenix Suns and LeBron James said afterward he has no idea what the Lakers can be. "We don't know," James said. "We have no idea what this team can be."

The Lakers have been struggling with injuries all season long and they sit at 16-16 through the first 32 games. "So how can we really fully assess what we have when we haven't been whole? I can't remember the last time we played the same starting lineup and had the same rotation coming off the bench," James said.

"It's been a long time. So, it's hard to assess that." The Suns sit at 25-5 and on top of the Western Conference standings. "Obviously, they are at full strength and we're not, so it's hard to see where we're at as a team," James said.

James not seriously injured

James landed awkwardly on his right foot in the third quarter but said it was nothing too serious. "Yeah, I'll be ready for next game,'' James said. David Fizdale served as the Lakers' head coach for the Suns game and he said the Suns have been very fortunate to stay healthy this season.

"They've had a lot of continuity and they've been very lucky," Fizdale said. "That's lucky to be healthy. ... So yeah, that continuity is a big deal, and I just really feel like under our circumstances, the guys' attitude and how they've been approaching it has been fantastic.

To me, that makes it easy to believe that we're going to be OK." The Lakers haven't been playing on the expected level but Fizdale expects James to figure it all out. "The one thing about LeBron, and I don't like speaking for him, but he is not going to get wrapped up in that [negative] stuff, and neither are we," Fizdale said.

"Bron is looking at all of this as just the new challenge that is in front of him. After all of these years, he just doesn't get rattled with any of it. He is not a blamer, he is not a complainer, he is not finger pointing.

He is going to figure out solutions." Russell Westbrook is also confident the Lakers will figure it all out. "I'm very optimistic," Westbrook said. "We've been through so much as a team already and still going through it as a unit.

And the best part about, for me, just, thus far, all of the ups and downs. That's an NBA season. The most important part is that we stay together. Never divide. Never panic. Never succumb to what the people on the outside of our team are saying. Just make sure that we stay close-knit and find ways to be able to stick together through whatever it is."