Steve Kerr named new US head coach, hopes to have Stephen Curry at Olympics

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Steve Kerr named new US head coach, hopes to have Stephen Curry at Olympics

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has been announced as the new United States men's basketball team head coach. The United States won gold medal at this year's Tokyo Olympics but Gregg Popovich stepped down as the head coach.

Kerr is set to lead the United States at the World Cup if they qualify and the 2024 Paris Olympics. "It was a surprise, to be honest with you," Kerr said during Monday's news conference, per ESPN. "Even though we spent the whole summer together in Tokyo ...

it was just a wonderful experience to be part of USA Basketball. But you just don't stop and think, 'Oh, maybe I'll be the head coach.' It's not something you even dream about. So you don't even afford yourself that time and say, 'I wonder if ...'

You just put your head down, you work -- when this call came, it gave me chills. It's an opportunity of a lifetime, and I can't wait to work with all these guys."

Kerr, Grant Hill hope to have Stephen Curry

"We'll see," Kerr said.

"These things are very fluid. I've learned a lot over the last couple years working with Pop and Sean [Ford] and Jerry [Colangelo], you just sort of have to let things unfold because every player's circumstances change constantly.

And if Steph is healthy and wants to play, I'm pretty sure I could convince Grant and Sean to put him on the roster." "I thought you had a scoop or something," Hill interjected. "It would be wonderful," Kerr said.

"But you just never know how this thing is going to play out. There's still a lot of time between now and then." US Team managing director Hill thought Kerr was perfect for the job. "His basketball acumen, his ability to connect with people, I think his understanding and respect of the international game, along with some other factors, certainly played a role in this process," Hill said in an interview with The Associated Press about the selection process.

"As I talked to people and went through consideration, he was the perfect fit. His wealth of experiences, including that on the international stage, I think really differentiated him." Popovich, who coached the United States the past few years, recently joked about how it felt having Kerr as one of his assistants.

"I just did whatever he told me," Popovich said with a smile earlier this month, when discussing what it was like to have Kerr on his Olympic staff.