Lakers' Anthony Davis feared major injury after going down versus Timberwolwes

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Lakers' Anthony Davis feared major injury after going down versus Timberwolwes

Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis said he reached the point where taking a break was something that he absolutely needed. Davis suffered a sprained medial collateral ligament in his left knee last week against the Minnesota Timberwolwes and he felt mentally tired of constantly going through setbacks.

Davis is set to be out for at least four weeks. "I just reached a point where it was tough to walk," Davis said, per ESPN. "I had to take a break. ... I did hear something pop -- and the first thing I thought of was [a major injury].

Which, I was emotional, I was just like everywhere. But like I said, thank God that it wasn't that." Davis has had problems with injuries over the past few years and he has struggled to stay healthy for a longer period of time while with the Lakers.

"Mentally I'm fine. I'm in a good space," Davis said. "Last year was a more 'me' thing. This year was like a freakish play. So knowing that nothing I really could have done to avoid it, I guess, keeps me in a good place.

The locker room keeps me in a good place. People around me outside of basketball keep me in a good place. Great conversation with my wife about it; she's the one who keeps me in a good place, for real."

Davis confident in the Lakers

The Lakers haven't been playing on the expected level so far this season as they sit at 16-15.

"I feel like when we're healthy we're a pretty good team," Davis said. "We started playing well, start getting a rhythm with each other and then all the COVID stuff happened and then more injuries. So it's not where we want to be, but we're not in a terrible spot.

"We're still in a good spot, for a team who feel like they can, could have done more, or win more games, games we should have won, and we're still in a good spot. So hopefully we can stay afloat with all the stuff going on around the team and being able to still pursue our goal, which is to win a championship."

The Lakers suffered a 115-110 loss on Sunday night as DeMar DeRozan dropped 38 points to lead his Chicago Bulls to a victory. "When the ball is in his hands, there's just a calmness to him," Bulls coach Billy Donovan said of DeRozan.

"He doesn't get rattled. He's been in so many of these moments throughout his life and his career. I think things slowed down for him. He knows exactly what he has to get done, what needs to get done and he finds ways to just stay totally locked in. It's really an incredible gift that he has."