LeBron James on Lakers' season: Hasn't gone as everyone else has hoped it would

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LeBron James on Lakers' season: Hasn't gone as everyone else has hoped it would

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James admitted the Lakers haven't had the start they were hoping they would but he doesn't want to complain. "It hasn't gone as everyone else has hoped it would," James said of the Lakers' season, now 16-13 and No.

6 in the West. "It's gone as how it's gone. You go out and you play the game and you want to be better. You want to be better every single day. We want to continue to work our habits, continue do what we got to do to be great every night.

So, we are who we are as a team. We got a lot of injuries, a lot of mixed lineups. Obviously guys in protocols and false protocols, things of that nature. "So, we are what we are as a team right now and we like where we're at."

On Wednesday night, Lakers rookie Austin Reaves knocked down a clutch three-pointer to give the Lakers a 107-104 overtime win over the Dallas Mavericks. "I mean, it's basically been the story of my life," Reaves said afterward.

"I've always been underrated. Didn't go to a big high school, so didn't get recruited much, but at the end of the day, you got to produce on the basketball court and for me to hit that shot, for my teammates to have the trust in me to take that shot is very, very special."

Reaves took the key shot instead of James

Reaves received the pass from Russell Westbrook and let it fly from the right wing. "Just the genuine nature of the guys," Reaves said when asked what stuck out about the moment.

"You don't see that much, especially with the type of guys that we have on this team -- six Hall of Famers and then all the guys that have been in the league for 10-12 years. So, really just the genuineness of it is just special.

"I'm lost for words. I mean, I've grown up watching all of these guys play, so for them to ... for me to even just be teammates with them is special." Westbrook acknowledged the Lakers have had a tough season but he believes they have the players capable of delivering in the most important moments.

"Throughout the year, there will be ups and downs, but ultimately, when the game's on the line, we have guys in the locker room that can make plays at the end of the game," said Westbrook. "It's a good feeling to know that, looking to the left and looking to the right, that guys can close and finish games when we need to."