Clippers' Paul George: It was obvious pressure to live up to title expectations

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Clippers' Paul George: It was obvious pressure to live up to title expectations

Los Angeles Clippers forward Paul George underlined the team dealt with a lot of adversity this season following a disappointing Game 7 loss against the Denver Nuggets. The Nuggets won 104-89 in Game 7 to complete their comeback from a 3-1 deficit and set up a Western Conference Finals series against the Los Angeles Lakers.

"A lot of adversity we dealt with," George said, per ESPN. "Rightfully so. You know, guys had to go home for rightful reasons. We just missed a lot of time being together with injuries in the regular season and inside the bubble."

George, who arrived to the Clippers alongside 2019 NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard, failed to deliver in Game 7 as he scored just 10 points on a 4-for-16 shooting. "It was obvious pressure to live up to the title expectations," George said.

"But as a player, I mean, you want that. ... It's no cop-out. Fact of the matter is, we didn't live up to that expectation."

George believes the Clippers will be fine

"But I think, internally, we've always felt this is not a championship-or-bust year for us.

You know, we can only get better the longer we stay together and the more we're around each other. More chemistry for [the] group, the better. I think that's really the tale of the tape of this season. We just didn't have enough time together."

Leonard, who led the Toronto Raptors to winning their first NBA title last season, scored only 14 points on a 6-for-22 shooting. "We just couldn't make no shots," Leonard said. "That's when it comes to the team chemistry, knowing what we should run to get the ball in spots or just if someone's getting doubled or they're packing the paint, try to make other guys make shots, and we gotta know what exact spots we need to be.

"And you know, just gotta carry over and get smarter as a team. Get smarter. Basketball IQ got to get better." Clippers guard Williams admitted the players were pissed off after blowing a 3-1 lead against the Nuggets.

"We're pissed off," Williams confessed. "Simple and plain, we're pissed off. We were up 3-1. We had two opportunities to win this series, and we didn't. "I think a lot of the issues that we ran into, talent bailed us out. Chemistry it didn't. In this series, it failed us."