Kevin Durant hoping Kyrie Irving rejoins Nets: He is my brother

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Kevin Durant hoping Kyrie Irving rejoins Nets: He is my brother

The Brooklyn Nets strongly contemplated ruling out Kevin Durant for Tuesday's game against the Toronto Raptors but he badly wanted to play. The Nets lost seven players to the NBA's health and safety protocols and had Durant been ruled out they would not have the eight required players for the game.

Durant suited up and notched a triple-double as he had 34 points, 13 rebounds and 11 assists in a 131-129 win over the Raptors. "We had to debate it," Nets head coach Steve Nash said. "We had to debate Kevin's situation.

Obviously we're talking about a franchise player; we don't want to risk it. So we're probably more cautious than he is. But he really wanted to play, and so that was it." Durant was proud how the Nets reacted in a challenging situation.

"Man, I can't even explain how I feel," Durant said. "It's December and we're down seven players and we easily could've punted this game. But we saw an opportunity for us to grow and get better, especially the younger guys who haven't played a lot of meaningful games in the NBA, especially against a championship organization like Toronto, [and it] was an amazing test for us.

"I'm so proud to just be a part of this group and play with these young dudes ... man, it was amazing to be out there."

Durant hopes Kyrie Irving returns

Nets head coach Nash admitted he has had conversations with Irving in recent days.

The Nets sent Irving home just before the start of the season because of his unwillingness to take the vaccine. "I have no updates," Nash said before the game. "I have connected with him but totally outside of the scope of the question and just in life in general.

So, we connected last week, but not with any intel or insight that things are changing. "I know he's working out and I know he'd love to be playing, but I think the boundaries are still the same as they were before recent reports."

Said Durant: "Kyrie is my brother, and we talk about everything. I'd rather keep those conversations in house, though." Durant is determined to do whatever it takes to help the Nets win. "I just try to do what's required, man," Durant said.

"I mean, I want to be out there. I want to play. I want to win. So it starts there. "So, whatever I got to do to accomplish those three things, I'm going to do."