Stephen Curry shows respect for Ray Allen after breaking NBA's career 3-point record

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Stephen Curry shows respect for Ray Allen after breaking NBA's career 3-point record

Golden State Warriors star guard Stephen Curry made history on Tuesday night as he broke the NBA's career 3-point record. After Curry knocked down the 2974th three-pointer of his career, he made it past Ray Allen on the NBA's all-time list for most triples.

"It was a beautiful ending to this last week," Curry said after the game. "The buildup to getting this number, it was a special atmosphere. I knew the Garden would deliver just in terms of how iconic this place is -- I can't say it enough, I appreciate so much the way the fans embraced the moment with me and let me kind of get lost in it.

I could feel it. Once I took the shot on the wing, it just felt good, looked good -- it felt like we were at home." Curry drained five three-pointers in a 105-96 win over the New York Knicks. "It was a special moment, for sure, that I appreciate and I'll remember for the rest of my life, in terms of what it means to me to pass Ray," Curry added.

"Him and Reggie [Miller], guys I've looked up to coming into the game. Definitely special."

Curry showed respect for Ray Allen, Reggie Miller

Miller held the record for most three-pointers before Allen overtook him.

"My respect for Reggie and Ray, guys who set the bar for what it meant to be a sharpshooter," Curry said. "And have longevity as well. And for me, I've tried to own that in my journey in terms of range, volume, efficiency.

All those things go into it. So I pride myself on shooting a high percentage, I pride myself on allowing that to help us win games. And now I can pride myself on the longevity of getting to that number that Ray set and hopefully pushing it to a number that nobody can reach.

We'll see what happens." Curry was grateful after the game and he talked about it with his teammates. "Steph in the locker room was vintage Steph," Warriors coach Steve Kerr said. "Joyful, grateful.

He talked to the team about how much they mean to him. How much the game means to him, the process. He is who he is, that's the beauty of Steph. He's so authentic, he's so genuine. I thought the night was perfect. It just pretty much encapsulated who he is and his reaction to it was perfect."