Stephen Curry: Surreal to be on verge of breaking NBA's career 3-point record

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Stephen Curry: Surreal to be on verge of breaking NBA's career 3-point record

Golden State Warriors admitted it feels surreal to be on the brink of breaking Ray Allen's all-time record for most three pointers in NBA history. Curry knocked down five triples in a 102-100 win over the Indiana Pacers and now he needs just three more two pointers to break the record.

"I'm enjoying the moment and now you're knocking on the doorstep, it's pretty surreal," Curry said after scoring 26 points and going 5-for-15 from beyond the arc. "But just trying to let it happen.

It's one thing I've learned these last three games, is keep playing basketball, keep taking shots you think you'll make and enjoy the experience of it because it's a long time coming." Curry will have a chance to break the record when the Warriors take on the New York Knicks at the world's most famous arena -- Madison Square Garden.

"I think he's been trying a little bit too hard the last few games," Warriors head coach Steve Kerr said. "Just trying to make 3s and get to this record, it will be a relief for him I think, and for our team, when he does break it.

But I just think he's been trying a little bit too hard. And a lot of them have been coming out of blitzes, off pick-and-roll -- he just needs to make the simple pass, he knows that, but he's kind of trying too hard to make a big play."

The Warriors rooting for Curry

"I think subconsciously you just want him to get the record," Warriors big man Draymond Green said. "So even if you're not going into the game saying, 'I'm going to give Steph the ball every time,' subconsciously, you want him to get a 3 up.

That's always a good option, so it's not like you're trying to fit a square peg into a round hole -- we play that way anyway where we're trying to get Steph loose." Curry admitted he will feel a relief after he breaks the record because it has created so much attention.

"Hell yeah, because I get the record," Curry said. "The relief part, I get what he's saying just in terms of the buildup and not really knowing what game it's going to be. It's been awesome -- like the home crowd the Portland game [last Wednesday] was amazing even though it didn't happen. Philly was awesome; every 3 the crowd goes crazy. Every 3 was like that."