Urban Meyer denies calling Jaguars assistant coaches 'losers'

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Urban Meyer denies calling Jaguars assistant coaches 'losers'
Urban Meyer denies calling Jaguars assistant coaches 'losers' (Provided by Sport World News)

Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer adamantly denies the report that said he had an argument with Marvin Jones and that he called assistant coaches "losers." The Jaguars have a 2-11 record and Meyer insists the latest news that were said about the team are nothing but nonsense.

"What's the answer [when things are going badly]? Start leaking information or some nonsense?" Meyer said after the Jaguars' 20-0 loss at Tennessee on Sunday, the fourth shutout loss in franchise history and the first since a Week 5 loss to Seattle in 2009.

"No. No, that's nonsense. That's garbage. I've been very blessed. I've not really dealt with that. I've not dealt with, 'Well, did you hear what he said?' What? No. Let's improve on offense and get our quarterback in a position to be successful.

That's our focus. "What someone's brother said, or someone said someone said, that will occupy very little of my time. And if there is a source, that source is unemployed. I mean, within seconds, if there's some source that's doing that."

Jones denies calling assistant coaches losers

Meyer insists he respects assistant coaches and he would never insult them like that.

"Calling someone a loser, that's inaccurate," Meyer said. "I have high expectations for our coaches. I'm very demanding of our coaches and expect guys to be held accountable for their positions, and the times when they're not, we address it.

But I assure you there was not whatever report ... that's nonsense. "[Regarding Jones] I think I said something like we have some injury issues and some lack of consistency. We talked about that, and he's great. We moved on. One thing about Marvin, and there's a lot of players, especially these professional veterans, there's a lot of pride.

Some guys aren't used to this, and he's one of them. But he's fantastic and we have a fantastic relationship, and I started hearing that, and Marvin looked at me -- he walked by yesterday when I saw something on TV, like a heated argument, and he goes, 'I guess we're not allowed to talk anymore, are we?' and started laughing about it.

So there's nothing." The Jaguars have had a rough season but Meyer is hoping they can finish on a high note. "Our focus is to finish the season strong and to make whatever adjustments we have to make to get this thing cooking."