Michael Malone impressed with Nikola Jokic's peformances!


Michael Malone impressed with Nikola Jokic's peformances!

Denver celebrated in New Orleans after extra time, mostly thanks to the great game of Nikola Jokić, and Mike Malone is aware of that. Of the 39 points he scored in the game, Jokic scored 11 in overtime. Nikola Jokic shows from game to game how good a player he is and how much he has progressed since coming to the NBA.

It is amazing what the young Serb is doing on the field and how ready he is. In addition, he is mentally strong, and never gives up, even when there is no chance of a good result "At one point during the overtime, I said to myself that I am very happy to have an MVP player on my side in a game like this, when I can rely on and when I know that something good will happen," Malone said after the game.

Jokic had the opportunity to solve the game before overtime, but that was not the case. This certainly does not diminish the praise for Jokić: It is true that Jokic may not have speed, as the coach himself says, and some other advantages, but in spite of everything, he is still one of the best individuals in the NBA who constantly impresses with his games.

Mental aspect

The mental aspect we talked about, Malone confirmed "He will not overtake you in speed or jump over you. He will defeat you with skill, wisdom and he does it really methodically. "He is one of the better players in NBA games in the last five years, and we have seen many such examples tonight," the Nuggets coach concluded.

There is a great atmosphere in the Denver Nuggets team, which is confirmed by Jokic's statements. Apparently, Malone had sorted things out, and a huge team spirit was felt. Jokic is happy because of his teammates who constantly "fed" him with balls and without them he would not be what he is at the moment.

Both Jokic and the others are satisfied with the outcome of the match and the fight they showed, and they hope for good games and will continue to play. Jokic was also satisfied. "It is a nice feeling. The team believed me. The coach drew a few actions for me.

The ball came in and we didn’t stop. After all, I feel that they really trusted me and it is very easy for me to shoot in such situations," said Jokić after the game.

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