Luka Doncic's weight is a main topic in the NBA!

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Luka Doncic's weight is a main topic in the NBA!

He is currently the 24th on the NBA list when we talk about weight, weighing more than Gober and Aldridge, but that doesn't stop him from being Dallas' top scorer from game to game. Luka Dončić also has excellent numbers in the NBA league this season, an ankle injury separated him from the field in three games in mid-November, for the same reason he missed the match against Memphis three days ago and was uncertain about last night's duel with Brooklyn.

Dallas was defeated by the Nets, Luka was the best scorer of the match with 28 points, but he did not escape the criticism of the American media focused on his weight, movement, and play on defense. "He seems to be fatter than ever.

I know he had a long summer, played in the Olympics, but look at how he's gagging. He's not really running," said Reggie Miller, one of the top three in the NBA's history. : "If you are Doncic, then you hold the keys to the kingdom.

He is a superstar, but he can be significantly better and progress. My view is that he must lose weight and improve his defense." While playing basketball in the 1990s, Reggie Miller was considered one of the leanest players in the NBA.

Hence, it is understandable that he does not understand Dončić. However, the observation that he could improve the defense seems to be in place. As long as coach Jason Kidd is not worried about Luka's weight and as long as he is justified by the words "He is like that.

Since I came here, there is no difference", Doncic is aware that he is not in ideal physical condition. "People will definitely talk about it, and I know I have to do better. I had a long summer and I gave myself a break. After the Olympics, I took three weeks off.

I said I would relax, maybe I overdid it a bit and it's time to relax. I'm back to normal ", Dončić admitted that he exceeded the ideal weight. Reputable ESPN journalist Tim MacMahon claims that Dončić entered the last two seasons with 118 kilograms - too much for a man 201 centimeters tall.


According to available statistics from the official NBA league website, he is 24th on the list. This season, Doncic played 19 of the 23 games of the Mavericks, who lost all four matches when he was absent. He averages 25.5 points, 7.9 rebounds, and 8.5 assists.

That is still an impressive statistic, despite the fact that his percentage of shots from the game this season has dropped to 44.4 percent, which is still great. At the same time, Dončić plays a good part in the matches with an insufficiently healed wrist.

"It is still painful, but I am trying to play and train," Doncic said. Last night, he shared great assists against the Nets, hit a long-range three-pointer with the sound of a siren, but James Harden escaped him in one of the most important attacks at the end of the game.

However, there is little that can be blamed on the incompletely recovered player who is the most efficient individual of the team from game to game ... Except for that weight that often occupies the attention of the media on the North American continent.