Serbian basketball player Stevan Jelovac died after a stroke

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Serbian basketball player Stevan Jelovac died after a stroke

Serbian basketball player and first team player of AEK, Stevan Jelovac, passed away today as a result of a stroke, which he suffered on November 14 during training. The sad news was officially confirmed by the Athens club. AEK announced it a few days after the stroke, noting that the condition of the Serbian player is stable but still critical.

Unfortunately, the situation became even more complicated, which resulted in a tragic epilogue. A few days ago, Stevan was transferred to Serbia, at the request of his family. "Tragedy. Unspeakable pain. Sad news just arrived from Serbia.

Our fighter, our brother, Stevan, became an angel. He flew to heaven," reads the Athenian website. Jelovac arrived at AEK this summer after a season spent in Japan. In his career, he also played for Mega Mozzart, Red Star, Antalya, Caserta, Rytas, Zaragoza, Nizhny, Bamberg, Gaziantep.

He was not selected in the draft in 2011, but in 2016 he played in the summer league for Dallas. In the 2013/2014 season he played in the Euroleague in the jersey of Lietuvos Rytas and then played for three years in Zaragoza, Spain.

According to the general opinion, he had the best season in his career in the 2017/2018 season. when he wore the jersey of Nizhny Novgorod, and he recorded the best game of his career against Kalev, he scored 49 points, with 15 rebounds, and thus broke the VTB League record, which was held by Keith Langford with 42 shoots.

He made his debut for the Serbian national team at the age of 28 and had a very notable role in the qualifications for the 2019 World Cup. The day after the official confirmation, Dedas revealed details about the last days of Stevan Jelovac, the moment when the Serbian national team player suffered a stroke, and what happened next ...

"Three weeks ago, I did a video analysis with the players. Jelovac did not sit with us because he had an ankle injury. He was in the treatment room and riding an exercise bike."


"When we finished the meeting, I sent the players to training and we saw people who call an ambulance.

He was conscious, we managed to communicate a little with him, but we realized that something was wrong and that he had a stroke, "Dedas told the Israeli website Sports Wall, B92 reports: "We immediately canceled the training and the players were in the hospital.

The next day we played against Riga without training, but we played for him." "We fought like crazy and won. Then we played a game in the championship and went to the national team break. When we had time without training and games, we realized how serious the situation was."

"There was no good news from the hospital, but we thought he would get away with it because he was young. " After such a health problem, no one thought about Jelovac returning to the floor, but how to recover as soon as possible and get out ...

"No one was deceived that Jelovac would return and play basketball again, but we hoped that he would wake up and have as little damage as possible." "For the past two weeks, we have been mentally preparing for the worst, so announcing his death was not surprising to anyone.

When the family requested relocation for further treatment to Serbia, it was clear to us that hope no longer existed. "