Paul Zipser is successfully recovering after brain hemorrhage surgery

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Paul Zipser is successfully recovering after brain hemorrhage surgery

NBA forward Paul Zipser suffered a brain hemorrhage during a game he played for Bayern Munich. Zipserr complained of dizziness, and after that tests showed brain hemorrhage. This was followed by surgery which was the only choice at the time.

"Paul is doing well under these circumstances, (but) we don't want to say anything more about this," Bayern media relations director Andreas Bunkert said, via EuroHoops. "We also ask the public for understanding that we will respect Paul and his family's privacy."

After the surgery was over, Zipser decided to address the media: "I understood everything [about the problem]," Zipser said in an interview for the But I tried - not sure if proactively or passively - to not think about it much because: A) I knew it wouldn't change anything anyway, and B) I was already familiar with the doctors of Bayern Munich.

There was no better option for me with that specific case and with the spot it happened. ” “The first two days, I wasn’t really scared,” Zipser commented on how he felt after the diagnosis and during the period before the procedure.

“You just fall into something when you think,‘ OK, beginning on Wednesday everything will change.


’But the night before the operation - and I’ve gone through quite a few operations before - it was quite emotional.

I would say [I was] a bit scared. ” Three days ago, he decided to talk about his progress after all: “My rehab is really a roller coaster ride: steadily upward, but every now and then a week back,” Zipser says.

"I realized at some point that something was wrong with me. (...) Together with the headaches, it all sounded at first as if I had a migraine. (...) But then I realized shortly before the game: This is not working. (...)" "Then I wake up in the morning and have numbness.

(...) I called the doctor and said: This can't be right. (...) From the time I was picked up up by the car, I completely switched to sleep mode: I want to close my eyes, I just wanted to lie down and be done. " Dr. Tuesday is overjoyed with the progress: "Where Paul is now is insane for what he has gone through.

Huge respect to Paul, (...) how he has always motivated himself anew in rehab. (...) You have to learn a lot of things again and again. "