Chris Paul: Good feeling to win 17 consecutive games with three different teams

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Chris Paul: Good feeling to win 17 consecutive games with three different teams

Phoenix Suns star guard Chris Paul says he and his teammates are just hooping as he is happy that his team is now on a 17-game winning streak. On Tuesday, the Suns beat the Golden State Warriors 104-96 to extend their winning streak to 17 games.

"You sort of forget about [the streak], because we're just hooping," Paul said, per ESPN. "We prepare for every game the same way. When you do that, it's about building habits. Three teams I've been on have won 17 in a row.

It's a really good feeling." The Suns were focused on stopping Stephen Curry and they managed to do so as Curry scored just 17 points. "What I really did was be aggressive and be attached through a lot of screens and a lot of [traps]," Suns' Mikael Bridges said.

"But it's a whole team thing, because if one guy messes up on a switch, there's a slip or there's a 3 for him ... I think our coverages and what the coaches put together on our schemes was really good, and we executed it pretty well."

Paul urged the Suns to take the Warriors seriously

"These guys on my team have probably heard me talk about [the Warriors] probably too much," Paul said. "But I think we talk about them so much because of the respect factor.

They've been doing it for a long time. When you play against that team, you can't just be running around there hooping. You've got to think, you've got to think the game." Meanwhile, the Brooklyn Nets beat the New York Knicks 112-110.

After the game, Knicks big man Julius Randle criticized the officiating crew. "Got to ask them," Randle said of the officiating crew of Scott Foster, Mark Lindsay and Jason Goldenberg. "I don't know what they're watching or what they're seeing.

As aggressive as I played, attacking the paint, I can't be penalized for just being stronger than people. And that is an answer that I got today." Randle said he was told by the officiating crew that his stature and strength are the reason why he isn't getting more calls.

"They said because certain contact doesn't affect me like it affects other players," Randle said. "Because I am stronger, they miss the calls." "It pisses me off even more," Randle said when asked what his reaction is when he hears that. "To be honest with you, because that is not how you officiate the game."