Bert Smith's collapse from blood clot

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Bert Smith's collapse from blood clot

Bert Smith was refereeing the NCAA Elite Eight match in Indianapolis when he suddenly collapsed next to the Gonzaga bench. Medical personnel and other staff members rushed towards him. Smith regained consciousness and was alert as he was carried off the ground on a stretcher.

Medical staff at Lucas Oil Stadium treated Smith, who later went to a local hospital. The collapse, it turned out right in the hospital, was linked to a blood clot in his lung. "You don't know where that clot would go.

It puts each day's worth into perspective, because we all go through our lives, we're all guilty, and we just live, right? Enough: Do I love you? Do we give enough an extra hug? Do we do things with our family and friends that have value to them? When you experience something like I did, it hits you in the eye that you really have to value every day."

Gonzaga manager Mark Few said he went to Smith to offer his support as Smith was put on a stretcher: "He's a great officer, a great person. I mean, I was just shocked and scared for him, but I've been able to stick my head in there a little bit and see he was talking and coherent and I tried to say a quick prayer for him and just wished him the best.

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Two Indian cricket players and their collapse on the field

Many athletes are experiencing heart problems and collapse on the court, which can be more or less serious, if not fatal. The latest famous case is that of the Barcelona star Sergio Aguero, who, due to a malignant arrhythmia, could be forced to retire.

But it is a problem that affects all sports. And cricket is unfortunately not exempt. Two Indian women player, Chinelle Henry and Chedean Nation, collapsed on the field during their team's second T20I against Pakistan Women in two separate incidents.

They have both recovered and they are back with the team ahead of the third and final T20I. Both incidents had taken place during Pakistan's chase, which was also beset by weather interruptions. On Twitter, Henry said: "I just want to thank you guys for all your concern and well wishes, and I am doing well.

No hospital stay, no restrictions. Now I'm just focussed on going out there and getting the series 3 -nil. " CWI said in a statement as reported by ESPNCricinfo: "Chinelle Henry and Chedean Nation were taken to hospital for medical attention. Both Henry and Nation are conscious and stable at hospital and are being assessed."