Blake Griffin on falling out of the Nets' rotation: I did not see it coming

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Blake Griffin on falling out of the Nets' rotation: I did not see it coming

Blake Griffin insists he is fine with falling out of the Brooklyn Nets' rotation. After starting 17 games for the Nets this season, Griffin sat the past two games as Aldridge replaced him in the starting lineup. "No, I mean listen, [Aldridge] has been playing unbelievable," Griffin said, per ESPN .

"So, I totally get starting him, especially Joe [Harris] has been out, and I totally get that. "Being completely out of it, though, I didn't necessarily see that coming. But that's not my decision. As players it's our job to do whatever coaches see best, so at this point that's what it is." Griffen, a six-time NBA All-Star, was averaging a career-low 5.5 points before he was benched.

"Well, I feel for him," Nets head coach Steve Nash said. "That's not easy. You know it's tough when you go through a rough stretch of play and the world kind of caves in on you a little bit. I've been there and understand it.

We have to give other guys an opportunity at this point, but Blake's had a great attitude. I really admire him for being positive through this and keeping himself ready so if his opportunity comes back, he can have an impact."

Griffin vows to stay professional

"I have seen [and] have had great examples," Griffin said.

"DeAndre last year, he is a guy that I talked to that reached out. A lot of the guys from last year reached out. He did a really great job with it. I told him that. That is how I am going to try to do it as well. "Just be a professional and do exactly what you are supposed to do," Griffin added of what message his former teammates told him.

"It may sound like not good advice, but in this situation, everybody always needs to hear the right thing." Meanwhile, Nets guard Joe Harris underwent an arthroscopic surgery on his left ankle. "He is going to have a scope and then we'll see what that means once they've had the procedure," Nash said after Nets practice on Monday.

"We think this is a really positive thing that can put this situation behind him long term rather than risking reoccurrences or uncertainty with the injury." Harris is expected to miss four to eight weeks. "There's a little bone particle in there," Nash said.

"Just the uncertainty of it, just better to take it out. We thought that it would potentially sort itself out because it's been there, but it's not. Hopefully that's the end of it."