LeBron James was great after a one-match break

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LeBron James was great after a one-match break
LeBron James was great after a one-match break (Provided by Sport World News)

Three days ago, LeBron James stuck his elbow in the face of Isaiah Stewart, a Detroit basketball player whose arcade was currently broken so he attacked the King, and the epilogue of the whole incident was a two-game suspension for Stewart and one for the ace of Los Angeles.

The Lakers did not manage to win Madison Square Garden without alpha and omega, but after the defeat by the New York Knicks, LeBron returned and showed that he enjoyed the rest match extremely well. Utah basketball players also felt that against whom he scored 39 points - 116: 124.

It was James' scoring record this season, but they had to go the hard way to triumph - through overtime. Half a minute before the end of the last section, Justin Holiday hit a three-point lead 110: 109, and after both hits by Russell Westbrook, the Pacers needed another one.

Duarte found it six seconds before the end, and in the remaining time, LeBron missed a three, so there were no winners after four sections. However, a missed shot to win, one of the best basketball players of all time motivated him to definitely bring that victory.

In the middle of the overtime, he hit outside the 7.24 line, then a minute later he hit another three-pointer by splitting the net from the step back from more than nine meters. Forty seconds before the end, the triumph was spiced up with a goal from a distance.

In overtime alone, he scored eight of the Lakers' total 12 points, for a total of 39 points, five rebounds, and six assists.
He could not rely on the help of the injured Anthony Davis, but he was solidly followed by Russell Westbrook with 20 points, seven rebounds, and five assists, that is, Malik Monk, who counted to 17 with eight caught balls.

Interestingly, the Lakers reached the first advantage (101: 100) only four and a half minutes before the end after Monk's triple. Previously, Indiana controlled the result and on a couple of occasions had a maximum 12-point advantage.


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