Dustin Poirier wants to provide 300,000 meals to those in need

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Dustin Poirier wants to provide 300,000 meals to those in need

The Dustin Poirier Foundation, called The Good Fight Foundation, is well known in the MMA community. It is a foundation that Dustin started with his wife Jolie, and their goal is to help those who need it the most. The money is mostly raised through various auctions that sell martial arts equipment that Dustin collects after his matches, but this also includes other actions that raise funds.

Dustin is waiting for a match for the UFC lightweight title in December. Charles Oliveira will be his opponent, and Dustin will continue his practice of auctioning equipment after the match, regardless of the outcome. We have no doubt that his opponent will also participate, as the bar is set high.

Namely, the Poirier Foundation has entered into a partnership with Second Harvest Food Bank, and their goal is to provide 300,000 meals for families in South Louisiana, the place where Dustin Poirier lives. In addition to Dustin’s equipment that will go up for auction, donations can also be made through the Second Harvest Food Bank website.


Donations in the amount of 25 US dollars should provide 100 meals, while donations of 100 US dollars provide 1000 meals for the needy. '' Our goal is to provide 300,000 meals for families who need it. Second Harvest not only helps in my hometown of Lafayette but serves the community in 23 other regions."

"They provide access to food and help after disasters such as storms and the like. Food prices are rising and so money is the most effective way to help Second Harvest provide meals for families in need during the holidays, '' Poirier said.

Truly a commendable action by this great UFC fighter. Poirier not only wins over fans with his great fights but also serves as an example of a true athlete and humanitarian who wants to help his community. '' I love martial arts and wrestling.

But the people I help and the smiles I put on people's faces, that's something I'm really fighting for, '' Poirier said in an article about his foundation, which the UFC posted more than a year ago on its Youtube channel.

Indeed, such things must be praised because Poirier shows with his works not only how great a fighter he is, but also how great a man he is. We have no doubt that other fighters are also trying to help people in need, but respect must be paid to Poirier who really does his best to help humanity. Such things can mean a lot to someone