Russell Westbrook: Me, LeBron James are still figuring out how to play together

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Russell Westbrook: Me, LeBron James are still figuring out how to play together

Los Angeles Lakers guard Russell Westbrook has acknowledged that the Lakers haven't played on the expected level so far and that they have got to quickly build a chemistry and start playing much better. On Friday, the Lakers suffered a disappointing 130-108 loss to the Boston Celtics and that pushed them to an 8-9 record.

“Nobody’s winning anything right now. When we get our team together and playing and get a better rhythm, that will come as the season prolongs, and that’s that,” Westbrook stated, per Lakers Nation.

“I think the reality of it is that everybody on the outside has really high expectations of our team, as they should. But the reality of it is we haven’t really played with each other. And nobody cares, and obviously after each game, everybody asks the same questions, and I’m tired of giving the same answers.

It’s the same question every game, every time we lose it’s ‘hey, how long do you think it’s going to take?’ We don’t know."

Westbrook, LeBron James still building a chemistry

“Yeah, we got to figure it out.

It’s seven games. We got to figure out how to manage it, which we got a lot of games left to do," Westbrook said. “When we win, it’s still going to take some time. So the reality of it is that throughout the season there’s going to be ups and there’s going to be downs, it’s about what you do as a team.

Either you can pull apart or you come together and figure it out. And we know that we have the team to be able to figure it out and the experience to be able to do so. Our job is to get in there and do it and try to figure it out as the season prolongs."

James missed two and a half weeks before returning to the lineup against the Celtics. James didn't panic after the Celtics loss but added the Lakers need to play with the sense of urgency. "It's never, 'We got 65 games left,'" James said when asked if he can take the long view considering the Lakers' early injuries and how much of the 82-game regular-season slate remains.

"We damn sure need to play better, no matter who is in the lineup. We have our system and we need to obviously fast-track it and get better with it so we can play, no matter who is out on the floor, we can play at a high level. ... There's no level of panic, but there should be some sense of urgency any time we take the floor."