Clippers' Marcus Morris: Messing up lead one of our Achilles' heels this season

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Clippers' Marcus Morris: Messing up lead one of our Achilles' heels this season

Los Angeles Clippers forward Marcus Morris Sr. underlines his team has to be more focused and they got to be much better if they want to make it all the way in these playoffs. Morris' comments came in the wake of a Game 5 loss to the Nuggets -- in a game which the Clippers controlled and a had a big lead but still failed to win as the Nuggets won 111-105.

The Clippers led 16 points at some point of the game but then relaxed and the Nuggets won to reduce the deficit to 3-2 in their Western Conference semifinals series. "We just lean on us being as good as we are on paper and not actually finishing the game," Morris said Saturday, a day after the Denver Nuggets stunned the Clippers with a second-half comeback to win Game 5.

"It's only happened twice so there is no overreaction. "[But] I think it is just us being as good as we are and just leaning on that and just the talent and not finishing or playing hard."

Morris says the Clippers should have won Game 5

Morris scored 12 points and dropped seven rebounds, while Clippers' biggest stars Kawhi Leonard and Paul George dropped 36 points and 26 points, respectively.

"We put the onus on ourselves," Morris said. "We should have put that game away; we should have stuck to what we were doing. That has been one of our Achilles' heels, kind of messing with the game when we get up.

To get where we are trying to get to, and that's being champions, we have to be better. That has nothing to do with coaching. That is on the players. "[Paul George] said it best: We had that game under control, we had them right where we wanted them at, and we took our foot off the gas.

... We all know our capabilities and we have to keep going and stick to the script and finish your business." Clippers coach Doc Rivers was also frustrated because he believed his team should have won Game 5 and sealed a ticket for the Western Conference Finals.

"I was frustrated at halftime because I really thought we should have been up way more," Clippers coach Rivers said. "And we had that game where we wouldn't allow ourselves to be great yesterday. We have to allow ourselves to be great, and to do that you have to have great discipline."