Stephen Curry: Replacing Draymond Green properly will require team effort

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Stephen Curry: Replacing Draymond Green properly will require team effort
Stephen Curry: Replacing Draymond Green properly will require team effort (Provided by Sport World News)

Golden State Warriors star guard Stephen Curry underlined the importance of Draymond Green after the Warriors' big man went down with a right thigh contusion during Wednesday's 123-11" win over the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Green suffered the injury in the third quarter and did not return to the game.. Still the Warriors managed to claim a comfortable win over the Timberwolves. "You have to have a collective effort on the defensive end to try to do what he does by himself as a disruptor on that end," Curry said, per ESPN.

"Offensively, it changes a little bit if he's not out there in terms of who's initiating the offense and how we create shots, but this team is obviously a little different in that respect, knowing we have kind of shooters all over the floor and different sets to help feature those guys.

But obviously defense is most important because that's what wins basketball games."

Kevon Looney agrees with Curry that Green is so important

Warriors big man Looney stepped up against the Timberwolves as he posted 11 points and 17 rebounds.

"He's a tough guy to replace," Looney said of Green. "His energy, his leadership, is tough to fill it in with somebody. But we have a pretty deep team, it's going to open an opportunity for a lot of guys at that position. Me, Otto [Porter Jr.] and Juan [Toscano-Anderson], [Nemanja Bjelica], get some more time.

So we just got to go in, and it's going to be a group effort, just got to continue to get better, talk on defense and play together. ... We just got to hold down the fort until he gets back." Curry had a solid offensive performance, scoring 25 points.

A game earlier, Curry scored an NBA season high 50 points against the Atlanta Hawks. "It's kind of hard to say because obviously you made the first two and they were both in rhythm, the way the ball comes off your hand feels good," Curry said after scoring 50 versus the Hawks.

"You kind of just stay in the moment and every possession it starts to kind of build on the previous one. Maybe going into the half, the shot that got us within four, the way the game had gone, you carry that momentum into the locker room, come out in the third quarter, that's when you kind of start to wait for the avalanche to fall -- and it did."

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