Stephen Curry: I can't tell when I am going to have offensive explosion

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Stephen Curry: I can't tell when I am going to have offensive explosion

Golden State Warriors star guard Stephen Curry droped an NBA season-hugh 50 points on Monday night to lead the Warriors past the Atlanta Hawks. Curry shot 14-for-28 from the field, went 9-for-19 from the three-point range and 13-for-13 from the free throw line in a 127-113 win over the Hawks.

"That was just a stunning performance by Steph,'' Warriors head coach Steve Kerr said, per ESPN.. ".. He was amazing. I want to say I've never seen anything like it but I've been watching it for seven years, so I have seen something like it and still it's just incredible to watch.'

' Curry is in his 13th NBA season but he admits he can't tell when he's going to have an offensive explosion like on Monday night. "It's kind of hard to say because obviously you made the first two and they were both in rhythm, the way the ball comes off your hand feels good," Curry said.

"You kind of just stay in the moment and every possession it starts to kind of build on the previous one. Maybe going into the half, the shot that got us within four, the way the game had gone, you carry that momentum into the locker room, come out in the third quarter, that's when you kind of start to wait for the avalanche to fall -- and it did."

Coach praises Curry for his competitiveness

"It doesn't get old, for sure," Kerr said of Curry. "I think one thing I hope people realize when they're watching him do what he did tonight is how competitive he is.

He rises to the occasion over and over again because he loves a challenge and tonight was a huge challenge, down 15 against a team that is really talented ... you could see Steph's competitiveness on full display along with his skill."

Curry injured his left shoulder in the first quarter but luckily was able to continue the game. "It kind of got jammed on a screen," Curry said. "Similar thing that happened in the last preseason game, but just a little tweak and it's fine."

Curry is 33 but coach Kerr claims the guard is in "the best shape of his life." "I think he's in the best shape of his life," Kerr said of Curry. "The last few years I think he's elevated his strength and his conditioning.

He's a machine out there. He doesn't get tired. He's going full-bore on both ends and it's amazing to watch him."