Stephen Curry on Warriors' 7-1 start: Not surprised at all

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Stephen Curry on Warriors' 7-1 start: Not surprised at all

Golden State Warriors star guard Stephen Curry insists he is not surprised by his team0s 7-1 start to the season. The Warriors continued their great start to the season on Friday as they destroyed the New Orleans Pelicans 126-85 to improve to 7-1.

"We got guys that understand basketball, understand how to play," Curry said, per ESPN. "There's always good intentions with what we're trying to do even if it doesn't necessarily work out. ... We're all trying to do the right things and understand the philosophy of how we've got to create shots.

And then obviously defensively, our principles that we need to rely on every night. "So the record's great. It's eight games in, a lot of season left, but the way that we're succeeding and the way that we're kind of opening up games, just putting good stretches of basketball together, I'm not surprised at all."

Andre Iguodala agrees with Curry the Warriors could do something special

After winning three titles with the Warriors, Iguodala left the team last season to join the Miami Heat. This summer, Iguodala returned to the Warriors and he is aiming to again win an NBA title with Golden State.

"I've seen a lot, played for a lot of different coaches. I've been in a lot of different environments," veteran swingman Andre Iguodala said. "Just take a look around the league, see how teams are set up, see how they're playing, see how the game's being played.

You can kind of size yourself up with other teams. We got two starters who are out [Klay Thompson and James Wiseman], so we got an opportunity to do something special, but we got to continue to try and get better every single day and find our weaknesses before other teams do."

Nemanja Bjelica is playing his first season with the Warriors and so far he has been great. "Everybody is loving playing together," Kerr said. "Belli, you can see how skilled he is, and the way we play he becomes a focal point in the offense as a passer a lot, not just as a pick-and-pop shooter.

And he loves to pass, he loves to play-make. He grew up doing that, and you can see how skilled he is, so when you have a bunch of guys who can all do that and the ball moves, that's the most fun way to play basketball. So they're all having fun. The coaches are too."