Anthony Davis: Thunder were waiting for our coverages and picking us apart

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Anthony Davis: Thunder were waiting for our coverages and picking us apart

Anthony Davis thought the Oklahoma City Thunder were "waiting on our coverages and just picking us apart." On Thursday night in Los Angeles, the Thunder recovered from 19 down to beat the Lakers 107-104. Last week, the Lakers had a 26-point lead against the Thunder on the road but still lost.

"Defensively we were all over the place," said Davis, whose 29 points, 18 rebounds and 5 assists weren't enough to lift L.A. to the win. "I feel like they were waiting on our coverages and were just picking us apart.

... For some reason this team comes in every time they make shots against us, they made 15 3s again tonight." With 3.5 seconds left to go, Westbrook drove the ball down the court and shot a three, instead of trying to find a better shooter.

"Not good enough," Vogel said of Westbrook's decision to shoot it. "We want to get a better shot than that. The spacing wasn't great. We were trying to get Melo to the top of the floor, but the spacing wasn't great."

Davis says the Thunder made the right adjustments

The Thunder put up a clinic offensively in the second half and the Lakers had no answer. "I mean they knew what we were doing, kind of did that entire second half and their coach or Shai [Gilgeous-Alexander], whoever it was that made the adjustment to put their players in the right spot," Davis said.

"And they made shots." Carmelo Anthony has acknowledged that his he and his teammates are aware that teams are extra motivated to beat the star-studded Lakers. "It's something that we discuss. We talk about it all the time.

Just understanding and owning the fact that guys will play, teams will play differently when they play against us," said Anthony, who scored 21 and saw L.A. lose for the first time in four games that he has scored 20-plus.

"So that's [not] the elephant in the room. That's not something that we don't speak about. We know that, we talk about it, we discuss it. "I mean, you look at like tonight for an example, [Darius] Bazley, right? I don't want to say his stats, but we go over that stuff, we scout that.

But he comes against us and he makes most of his 3s against us. So, it's going to happen. We just got to own that. We got to accept that and just make sure we cut people's water off when that time comes."