Shaquille O'Neal to his children: "We are not rich, I am rich"

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Shaquille O'Neal to his children: "We are not rich, I am rich"

Well-known stereotypes about the children of the rich are that they are spoiled, overconfident, and look down on others. Of course, we cannot say that this is the case with everyone and that every celebrity raises children in the same way.

The best example of this is an NBA star Once great NBA star Shaquille O'Neal is beyond all stereotypes of rich, powerful parents. Shaq has six children and he wants to teach each of them to value money, that is, to earn money on their own and make their way through life.

He admitted that his kids don't feel great because of such attitudes, but he still has no intention of giving up ... Obviously, O'Neal has a different way of raising than is the case with most children of wealthy parents.

"They are a little upset, they don't understand very well what I'm telling them. That's why I have to repeat to them often: We are not rich, I am rich"! O'Neill made a lot of money throughout his basketball career, but also later in business.

His wealth is estimated at $ 400,000,000. However, as he claims, he will not share those earnings with the children. "I will not give them the opportunity to use my money to jump the ladder of life and undeservedly advance in society.

I expect them to finish schools, colleges and obtain diplomas that will allow them to live well." "Only if they ever think of a job to do, some business, I will be ready to listen to them. They will have to present the idea for the possible investment of my money to me like anyone else, "Shaq said.

Public figure

Finally, the former ace of the Lakers, Orlando, Boston, Miami, Cleveland, and Phoenix and the owner of four NBA rings said that he wants to stop being a public figure ... It is obvious that he is not satisfied with the behavior of celebrities, and that what they are doing is not in line with his principles.

O'Neal has a different view than many celebrities and seems to want to withdraw from public life "All these celebrities are going crazy, I don't want to be a part of it. I condemn that behavior. I'm done with it.

I just don't want to be in that category." "They're all crazy. It's amazing how they treat others, what they work and talk. I've never done that and I don't want to be confused with them. That's why you don't call me a star and a public figure anymore, "O'Neill concluded.