Russell Westbrook: No regrets over confronting Darius Bazley and getting ejected

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Russell Westbrook: No regrets over confronting Darius Bazley and getting ejected

Los Angeles Lakers star guard Russell Westbrook didn't regret his actions late in the game against the Oklahoma City Thunder and getting ejected. "How I play the game, I'm more old-school," Westbrook said, explaining why he took issue with the Thunder's Darius Bazley for scoring on a breakaway dunk with 1.5 seconds remaining, rather than dribbling out the clock.

"And when s--- like that happens, I don't let it slide. ... In the game of basketball, there's certain things you just don't do. Like in baseball, you don't flip the bat. There's certain things you don't do in sports when the game's already over.

And I didn't like it. Simple as that." The Lakers had a 26-point but the Thunder ended up winning 123-115. "A disappointing loss, but a lesson learned," Lakers coach Frank Vogel said. "An NBA season is a long season and a lesson for our group that you can't ever take your foot off the gas against anyone."

Anthony Davis didn't want to.male any excuses following another disappoint loss for the Lakers. "This ain't no adjustment period at all," said Davis, whose 30 points and eight rebounds went for naught. "Not this game.

That's just straight on us. ... This isn't an adjustment game where I feel like it's, 'Oh, we're still learning each other.' ... Nah. Not this game."

Westbrook takes the blame for his turnovers

Westbrook recorded a triple-double against the Thunder but also had 10 turnovers.

"I got to take care of the ball," Westbrook said, taking the blame. "Too many mishaps allowed. It's my fault. It's on me. But I'm going to take care of it. I know that. And keep the game simple. Because we need those possessions, especially in games like this."

With just over five seconds left in the game, Carmelo Anthony missed a potentially game-tying three pointer. "It came right to me, man," said Anthony who scored 13 points off the bench. "I didn't have full control of it, though.

I tried to shoot it without having full control of it. My footing wasn't right. I just saw daylight." . Lakers coach Vogel tried to be positive as he hopes his team will learn from the Thunder defeat. "It's not fun in the moment when you lose a game like that," Vogel said.

"But I think at the end of the day, if we're pushed every night like this, it's going to sharpen us. It will be good for us in the long run, but you've got to play through that and find a way to win."