Kevin Durant: We don't need Kyrie Irving to save us

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Kevin Durant: We don't need Kyrie Irving to save us

Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant wants to see Kyrie irving back to the Nets but he insists they don't need him to save them. On Sunday, Durant and James Harden were the only Nets players to score in double figures in a 111-95 loss to the Charlotte Hornets.

The Nets struggled mightily in the fourth quarter as the Hornets outscored them 32-17. "While we are playing in a game, I am not going to sit there and say ... when we get down or it is a tight game, like 'Damn, we don't have enough,'" Durant said.

"We are not going to be thinking about [that] during the game. We definitely want Kyrie Irving out here on the floor. And he is a huge part of what we do. But it is not happening right now. So we got to figure it out. "But no one is going to lose confidence while we playing and hope Kyrie comes to save us during the game.

No, we got to play. Everybody here is confident in what they do. We just got to play."

Durant believes the Nets have enough talent to win

The Nets have started the season with a 1-2 record but Durant is confident they can overturn eveything and start playing much better.

"Yeah," Durant repeatedly answered when asked if the Nets have enough to win. "I am not about to say there's not going to [be] enough out here. I am not going to say that. I feel like we had a nice control of the game in the first half.

They played a better second half. "It's three games in. Of course we have enough." Harden has gone to the free-throw line just nine times through the first three games and Nets head coach Steve Nash is unhappy.

"I feel like he's unfairly become the poster boy of not calling these fouls," Nash said. "Some of them are definitely fouls still. But they're just so alert and aware and he's the poster child of these new decisions.

... I get it, there's a line, but some of them are still fouls." "I think it's on the drive," Nash explained of when he thinks Harden isn't getting calls. "They're hyper aware of him reaching for guy's arms.

But guys aren't set, and they're getting caught not in a legal guarding position, bumping him. That's a foul; that has nothing to do with the hands. Those are the ones that I take a little exception to. But James will get there."