Vanessa Bryant found out the truth hours after the accident

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Vanessa Bryant found out the truth hours after the accident

As we can read on Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello sport, the wife of US champion Kobe Bryant, Vanessa, found out about the accident only long after her husband died. On the morning of January 26, 2020, a family advisor knocked on Bryant's door to inform her that Kobe and Gianna had been involved in a helicopter accident that was taking them to their eldest daughter's basketball game.

But the man said: "Five people were saved." Vanessa was certain that her loved ones were among the survivors and that they were now helping the other victims. But as she tried to call Kobe, social media messages began to appear on her cell phone saying "Rest in peace Kobe," or "My life will never be the same again."

Hours passed before Vanessa found out the truth. All details came to light yesterday for the first time in a courtroom in Los Angeles, during the deposition against the firefighters who released photos of the bodies of the victims of the accident.

After learning that she could not travel by helicopter to the crash site, Vanessa met up with Rob Pelinka, Lakers GM and Kobe's agent during his playing career, who drove her from the Malibu home to the hill where Kobe and Gianna had lost their lives.

An hour and 45 minutes of agony in L.A. traffic In the sheriff's office Alex Villanueva no one wanted to tell her if Kobe and Gianna were dead or alive. After a long wait, a priest arrived, accompanied by the sheriff himself and his press officer.

Only at that moment was she informed that there were no survivors. Asked by Villanueva if there was anything she could do, Vanessa replied, "If you can't give me my husband and daughter back, make sure no one takes pictures of their bodies."

The sheriff promised him.

Rafael Nadal praises Pau Gasol

Rafael Nadal is an absolute legend of Spanish sport, who has been able to extend his career far beyond initial expectations. The former number 1 in the world remained at a very high level even after he was over 30, although injuries returned to appear this year.

The 35-year-old from Manacor had to deal with a foot problem, which severely limited him during Roland Garros. Rafa was unable to play his cards to the end in Paris, having to yield to Novak Djokovic in the semifinals. From there came the decision to give up Wimbledon and the Tokyo Olympics, in the hope of getting back in good shape on American hardcourt.

However, a couple of matches in Washington were enough for him to realize that the problem was not solved. Nadal has therefore chosen to close his 2021 prematurely and has undergone a small foot treatment in recent weeks. Meanwhile, another absolute myth of Spanish sport like Pau Gasol has announced his retirement from basketball.

During his 23-year career, Pau won two NBA titles and three Olympic medals. In a recent interview with Cadena SER, the 20-time Grand Slam champion paid tribute to the six-time NBA All-Star. Nadal said: "Pau Gasol is one of the greatest legends of Spanish sport, so it is sad that he has decided to retire.

At the same time, I am happy that he was able to end his career as he wished. He leaves an indelible legacy that extends far beyond basketball." Nadal and Gasol are longtime friends: "Our relationship goes far beyond professional esteem.

It would be great to join our paths one day and carry out some projects together. Pau is a symbol in all respects, he managed to do things that seemed impossible in our country. He played in the NBA, won rings, played the All-Star Game, led the Spanish selection at the Olympics and the World Cup. I can only wish him the best for the future."