Russell Westbrook: No need for panic, we will figure it out

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Russell Westbrook: No need for panic, we will figure it out

Los Angeles Lakers star guard Russell Westbrook insists he is not someone who panicks during the regular season, especially at the start of the season. The Lakers have dropped their first two games of the season as Westbrook is still going through the adjusting phase with the Purple and Gold.

"I'm OK with adversity, honestly," Westbrook said on Saturday after the team gathered for a film session. "I never panic throughout the course of a season. Especially at the start of the season. There's really no need to.

The season is too long and nobody is winning nothing right now. "Yes, it's good to get off to a good start and feel good about yourself, but especially me personally, I like to make sure that I'm -- as the season goes on -- I'm constantly just getting better and better and better as the season prolongs.

And making sure that my team and my teammates are getting better as well as we all get comfortable with each other."

Westbrook acknowledges it will take time for the Lakers to figure it out

"Guys are figuring out how to run with me, and play a little faster.

I'm figuring out how to do other things and moving off the ball," explained Westbrook, who averaged 11.5 points on 35.7% shooting through the first two games. "I'm OK with the struggle of figuring it out and making sure we are putting ourselves in the position to do the right things so that ultimately at the end of the year we can be playing our best basketball."

The whole Lakers team joined a discussion to try to understand what has been the problem at the start of the season. "If Frank is the only one in the room talking, he says we're doing something wrong," Lakers guard Rondo said.

"So, a lot of people are talking -- the coaches, to the players, we go back and forth. Not necessarily arguing, chattering, but to understand one another because an open dialogue is best for us to develop quick chemistry on the court."

Lakers head coach Frank Vogel was happy with the conversation the team had on Saturday. "A lot of conversation," Vogel said. "A couple really helpful discussions to just try to bring some clarity to some of the coverages that we're breaking down on.

... Today was a great growth day for us." Also, Westbrook insists the Lakers have moved past the heated exchange between Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard. "It's over with and we move on to the next game," Westbrook said.