Anthony Davis: We'll do everything we can to help Russell Westbrook adjust quickly

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Anthony Davis: We'll do everything we can to help Russell Westbrook adjust quickly

Los Angeles Lakers head coach Frank Vogel has taken tbe blame for Russell Westbrook's disappointing Lakers debut as he insisted he should have put him in a better situation. Westbrook had just eight points, five rebounds and four assists in the Lakers' loss to the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday's season opener.

"[Westbrook played] pretty good," Vogel said after practice Thursday when asked how the Lakers' major offseason acquisition looked in his review of the game film. "We didn't get him involved enough, and that's on me.

We continue to look at situations to make him useful and not pull away from what [Anthony Davis] and [LeBron James] are doing. "Those guys obviously got going, but I didn't do a good enough job getting Russ going, and that's an easy fix.

Something that we're familiar with and keep looking at every day and get a little more comfortable with it."

Anthony Davis was happy with what he saw from Westbrook

"He was himself, as a person and on the floor," Davis said.

"He got to some of his moves, the post-ups, where he scores. Dribble back-downs where he scores and dribble pull-ups off the glass -- his go-to when he scores. Talking s--- to everybody and all that. "He was his normal self, and it's good to see that.

He had a day off to reflect, get over it, flush it. And then come back to practice and get back to being himself. And hopefully it carries over to tomorrow where he can be Russell Westbrook." Davis insists there is no need to worry about Westbrook because he knows it will take time for the guard to adjust to the new system.

"We know him as a person, as a friend, a brother," Davis said. "We played on the Olympic team, but obviously, that's totally different. All-Star Games, totally different. To play in a season with him, this is me and Bron's first time.

It takes time to kind of figure out -- this is what he needs to draw back in or this is what we need to run to get him going. Or this is what he likes to do. He only played in three preseason games, him and Bron, so that rhythm is still coming -- for all three of us.

... So we're going to make sure that we do whatever we can to try and help him speed that process up to get him going. "But he'll be fine. He's just got to be himself, like I said before, and everything will work out for him."