Stephen Curry: I still haven't figured out why I'm struggling at Staples Center

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Stephen Curry: I still haven't figured out why I'm struggling at Staples Center

Golden State Warriors star guard Stephen Curry wasn't hitting his shots like usual on the opening night against the Los Angeles Lakers but he impacted the game in other ways and the Warriors ended up with a 121-114 win.

Throughout the game, Curry was drawing defenders, creating space for his teammates as he finished the game with 21 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists. "It means a lot to know that you can make the right play, see the attention, and whether it's a double-team, triple-team, get rid of it," Curry said.

"And everybody is either a threat to shoot or is going to make the right play, move the ball, high IQ, it's huge. ... I think we always talk about the strength-in-numbers mentality, and how we play and try to create offense is predicated on me drawing attention, moving the ball.

If everybody buys into the fact we don't know who it's going to be every night, we don't know [whether] it's going to be their game, but everybody is going to contribute to that style, it should be a good season."

Jordan Poole also came up big for the Warriors, scoring 20 points. "I think we have a really good trust factor with our team," Poole said. "And it's not even group-oriented, it's just us as a whole.

We trust everybody who is out there. No matter what the lineup is, no matter what the group is."

Curry's struggles at Staples Center continue

Curry struggles a bit at Staples Center as that's the place where is usually not hitting his shots and he doesn't know the answer for why is that.

"No idea," Curry said. "If you have any ideas, please let me know because I still ain't figured it out. I like to learn those lessons [in] winning, though. That helps." Warriors coach Steve Kerr credited great preseason for their opening night win.

"I think we were building confidence in the preseason," Kerr said. "Obviously we go 5-0 in the preseason and all that goes out the window because records don't matter. But we felt in the preseason -- I really like this team.

But you still have to go out and prove it, and I think when you go out there for the first time every year opening night, there's just some nerves and you got to get over that hump. "The first half I did not recognize the team I was watching.

They were not the team I've watched the last three weeks in camp. The second half, that's who we are -- floor spacing, ball movement, hitting singles, nothing crazy, solid defense, so a really good win."