Tobias Harris: "We have to find a way to get up"

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Tobias Harris: "We have to find a way to get up"

NBA basketball fans have been following him at various addresses for years as one of the better players in his position. His name is Tobias Harris While Mavericks and Dončić are still building a winning franchise that can get involved in the fight for the ring, Philadelphia has always been among the favorites for the finals in recent seasons, but the team loaded with talent has so far failed to make a significant result.

A great chance was missed last season when Philadelphia, after almost 49-23 and first place in the East, failed and dropped out in the conference semifinals against Atlanta. "It was very difficult. We had a chance, but it's all part of life and the game.

Now we have to find a way to get up, to be in the race again." "Since I’ve been here every next season we’ve been better than last. We were cleared in the "bubble" in Florida, so we became the best team in the East.

We know what to do, we just have to stay focused ", Tobi says in an interview for Madrid's Marca. He believes that the pre-season was successful, despite the 2-2 score and that Philadelphia was in the center of public attention for the wrong reasons.

The reason is the case of Ben Simmons, who did not make preparations with the team, for which he was fined over a million dollars. "We were not disturbed by that moment, nor did everything that was written and said fall hard on us.

When we run on the floor and start playing, that's all that matters to us." "How do I look at this whole situation? Like the rest of the team. We decided to get it out of our heads, to focus on the floor and keep things under control.


Doc Rivers

He has known his coach Doc Rivers since the time they were together in the Clippers, they soon renewed their cooperation in Philadelphia... "A great coach, a great person and a person beyond the dimensions of what happens on the field when he is a coach.

All the players accepted his vision of basketball and work ethic well, because we know at all times what he wants from us." "We talk often because he sees me as one of the leaders of this team. " Joel Embiid has been considered one of the most dominant centers in the league for years ...

“Awesome player. Take a look at his last season, which he played at the MVP level. I hope that he will be like that this season as well, and that he will even be able to provide even better games." "Of course, I also want us as a team to accompany him in all victories and succeed as a team. He is a dominant player, one of the most dynamic centers of today. "