Mike Evans: I didn't know that Tom Brady was playing injured versus Dolphins


Mike Evans: I didn't know that Tom Brady was playing injured versus Dolphins

Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans didn't notice that Tom Brady injured his hand during a Week 5 game against the Miami Dolphins. Brady suffered the injury late in the first half but never left the game as he finished with five touchdown passes in a 45-17 win over the Dolphins.

"I didn't [know]," wide receiver Evans said. "But he's a tough guy obviously, one of the most durable players we've seen. He looked normal to me, so I didn't know he was injured." Buccaneers offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich realized late in the game that Brady was playing through an injury.

"Very late in the game," Leftwich said with a laugh.

Brady confident he will be ready for Thursday Night Football

"I think it's just a little bit sore, but I expected it to be. But I think I should be fine for Thursday," Brady said.

"There's no serious injury at all. It's more just discomfort, but I think that should be gone here in the next day or two." Brady acknowledged that taking hits and getting injured is just a part of the game. "This is just, you play a game, you get hit -- you deal with bumps and bruises over the course of the year.

It just so happens that this bruise is on my hand," Brady said. "I'm just trying to be preventative and precautious and be smart -- it's been less than 48 hours since it happened -- so it's not like it's had five or six days to do its thing.

But I feel confident that I will go out there and do what I need to do." Brady won't be taking the Philadelphia Eagles gor granted as he insists they have a tough defense and a talented group. "It's a really tough defense.

They get a lot of pressure with those guys up front," Brady said. "They've got a talented group of players, no doubt. I think they're kind of an ascending football team. They're a very dangerous football team." Brady doesn't often run with the ball but he ran for 13 yards on a play against the Dolphins.

"In my younger days, I probably would have never showed you guys," Brady said. "I'd probably try to keep it a secret. But, I think, at my old age, I don't care so much. It's just kind of a football injury, so I'll do my best to get ready for this game -- we'll see what happens."

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