Busch wants to do a miracle again

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Busch wants to do a miracle again

Kyle Busch, the current champion of the NAS CAR Cup series, will have to work harder this time to win the title again. He was very lucky last season, but will he have this one as well? “I don’t know what changed in his year or what happened, but anything is possible for sure,” Busch said Thursday during the second day of Media Day appearances for the 16 playoff drivers.

“We’ve seen it done before. Maybe there’s another way of being able to do it again, but this time it will certainly be different than his time was or any time that I’ve ever been in the Playoffs under this structure, being on the outside looking in to try to get through each round.

The opportunity is there. That is certainly where we’re at is a Tony Stewart-type performance here and in the final 10 weeks we’ll certainly get it done." , as quoted by NASCAR “The last time I checked, we’re still last year’s reigning champions so we’ve got that opportunity to be able to do that.

We’ve got the team behind us – the crew chief, the sponsors, everybody that we can make anything happen. We just have to go out there and do it”.

Hamlin believes in Kyle's team

Denny Hamlin believes that Busch still has a good chance and that he has this winning mentality that can be an advantage.

“I know he’s got race-winning equipment,” said Hamlin, a six-time winner this year. “Yeah, are they off-key right now? Yes, a little bit, but certainly if anyone has a chance to get hot, it could be Kyle and his team.

They know what they’re doing, they’ve got championship pedigree and they know how to get through these 10 weeks. They’ve shown that many, many times by making it to the final four even when they haven’t been at their best.

Certainly, it’s a team that will be a threat”. “It’s really important,” Busch said of his consecutive years winning streak. “Think about it, it’s a 16-year investment that we’ve placed on that, being able to win a race in 16 consecutive seasons, so hopefully we can keep that going and get it to 17 and then to 18 or however many that I’m here.

It would be nice if I’m able to keep winning races all the way through my career each and every single year that I’m out there. This year has just not lent itself to our favor so far, but the playoffs start now and we’re still in this thing