Russell Westbrook: Anthony Davis is one of a kind

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Russell Westbrook: Anthony Davis is one of a kind

Los Angeles Lakers guard Russell Westbrook was impressed with Anthony Davis brings to the table following their first official practice. The Lakers traded for Westbrook this summer, pairing him with Davis and LeBron James.

Last season, Davis was nowhere near his best as he missed 36 games due to an injury. "He's one of a kind," Westbrook said of Davis on Wednesday, per ESPN. "There's nobody like him who can do everything he's able to do at his size.

And my job is to make sure I continue to push him each day, each practice, each game, so he can be at the top of his game each and every night." Davis, 28, is set to enter his 10th season in the NBA. Davis has a number of accolades to his name, being named an All-Star eight times, as well as racking up four All-Defensive Team selections.

Also, Davus was a part of the team that helped the Lakers win the 2019/2020 title. "He's been in this league a long time, so he understands how to play the game," Westbrook said. "He knows what he needs to turn up, and I know now he wants to turn up.

So, it's my job to make sure that's up every single night."

Westbrook to 'push' Davis

"I like teammates who are going to push me," Davis said. "Encouragement -- I don't need encouragement.

I want to be pushed. I want guys to tell me when I'm messing up. Me and Russ had numerous conversations in this first practice alone about things we can do together as a duo when we're both on the floor." Davis acknowledged that Westbrook isn't the only player on the Lakers roster that has the ability to push him.

"That's what I want," Davis said. "I got numerous guys that's always in my ear about things, so you can't ask for more as a player who wants to get better." Davis is "very motivated" to bounce back from a disappointing 2020/2021 season.

"I think Anthony doesn't quite frankly need a whole lot of that," Lakers head coach Frank Vogel said. "He's very motivated to have a bounce-back year from what happened last year, and we were all disappointed that he wasn't able to be at his best due to the injuries and the lack of the offseason.

"But he's definitely put in the work this offseason; he looks really good, and we'll all be pushing each other."