Andrew Wiggins surprised NBA leaders with his decision!

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Andrew Wiggins surprised NBA leaders with his decision!

The storm in the basketball public on the other side of the Atlantic is not calming down due to the decision of Andrew Wiggins not to receive the vaccine against the corona virus. The first pick from the draft in 2014 tried to avoid vaccination, he even sent a letter to the competent authorities with a request to be exempted, but it was soon rejected.

That is why Golden State, at least for now, will not be able to count on Wiggins when the matches are played at home. As a reminder, due to local regulations related to the corona virus in New York and San Francisco, the New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets and Golden State Warriors can only count on vaccinated basketball players as hosts.

Exceptions may be for medical or religious reasons. With Wiggins, it is something completely different ... With his statement about the reasons why he does not want to be vaccinated, Wiggins led himself to be ridiculed by a part of the public.

Namely, he publicly said that he did not want to be vaccinated because that was "his personal belief" The reasons, therefore, are not of a medical or religious nature, he simply does not want to be vaccinated against the corona virus.

"I am definitely cornered, my back is leaning against the wall, but I will continue to fight for what I think is right. What is right for me does not necessarily mean that it is right for others," Wiggins said.


What attracted the most media attention, however, are two things.

First, it was revealed that Wiggins could be left without as much as 15,000,000 dollars in case he is not vaccinated, because he could not play for the Warriors in games as a host. "Whether I will run out of money or not is just my business," the once great talent said.

The other thing is the message that the new Warriors basketball player Nemanja Bjelica allegedly sent to Wiggins when they met in the hallway. According to the reports of the journalists who came to the "Media Day" of Golden State, they claim that Bjelica told Wiggins "to get vaccinated" on that occasion, to which he replied that he encountered a "difficult audience" in a conversation with the media.

"Andrew is one of the nicest people I've ever met. And we met seven years ago, when we were both rookies in Minnesota. Everyone on the team supports him, whatever he needs. He's among the best people I know. A great guy.

", Bjelica later said. The media in the USA announce that almost 90% of the players in the NBA league have been vaccinated. Among those who are not in the lead are Kyrie Irving and Bradley Bill. There are a little more than three weeks left until the beginning of the season ...